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Crypto technologies such as blockchain will allow us to have traceability sys- tems that show the ways in which the product is moving through the system: all the inputs into the feeding of that an- imal and into the production of the meat at the end of the process. Overall, this will be more favourable from a consum- er perspective, although frankly there is no guarantee that consumers will be happy with it. From my point of view, there is a lot of potential there. Also, technologies such as virtual reality and enhanced reality are going to be harder to implement and we are inexorably moving towards a reliance on the internet of things. What will it take for high-welfare, environmentally friendly chicken and eggs to become as affordable as the conventionally raised alternatives? I believe that when you look at these challenges it often seems as though they are going to increase the cost of produc- tion. In actual fact, there are frequently opportunities to avoid that and arrive at a better place. We have seen this with things such as the recycling of water and packaging which in the end bring their own economic advantages. From my perspective, welfare and environmental- ly friendly practices appear to be costs at the moment, but if we can understand them and increase bird welfare we may well end up with better feed conver- sions and feed efficiencies, less stress - and therefore less disease - and better meat quality, all of which have to be positive things. Making lemonade out of lemons as we sometimes say; perhaps it will take longer and more imagination, but embracing technology and nutrig- enomics - that is, the precise feeding of nutrients from a gene expression perspective - are essential for what we need to do. There's a quietly growing trend in agriculture to go "beyond sustainable" and "beyond organic" by striving to regenerate the land. How can poultry production contrib- ute to the "regenerative agriculture" movement? I think that poultry probably has a better story to tell in terms of minimal impact on the environment. The use of things like poultry litter and ensuring that that achieves better uptake with plants might allow for better retention and result in less leaching into the soil. What we all strive for is an eventual restora- tion of the land and to work towards making the area we're farming into a better place than it was when we found it. I am not entirely sure we have yet seen this principle truly being applied, but this might change with the advent of precision agriculture. But from my perspective this is something which can be achieved. I feel that the poultry story is not only a good story from the point of view of where the sector is at currently, but it's also a good story from the point of view of progress in the meat industry as a whole. This is a species that will most easily arrive at the next stage in sustainable farming – and that will answer questions that other species will struggle to address. PD EggTester.Com Officially known as ORKA Food Technology, is the world's leading manufacturer of egg-quality testing devices. Egg Analyzer It measures weight, yolk colour, albumen height, Haugh units and USDA Grade in 17 seconds! Egg Force Reader It measures egg shell destruction strength Eggshell Thickness Gauge It uses ultrasound to measure the thickness of the eggshell without breaking Digital Haugh Tester It measures the height of egg albumen and allows you to manually determine the Haugh unit Egg OR Candler Portable LED battery/mains operated Egg Candling Lamp Wireless Egg Node It identifies exact locations where egg damage takes place Will be at VIV Europe 2018 during June 20-22. 15

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